Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

June 29th

Chilcat [Chilkat]. We cast anchor at the cannery here this morning just as I got up; having passed Davidson's Glacier about an hour earlier. This glacier is about ten miles south of the ship and projects well out into the inlet, surrounded by its wooded terminal moraine. We Mr. Cushing and I went ashore in a dry-out to see if we could hire two Indians to go to Glacier Bay, but did not succeed. We may do better this afternoon at Pyramid harbor. The mountains around us rise 3000 to 6000 ft and are much covered with snow, ice and glaciers; this is the first real alpine scenery we have had. The mountains tops are mostly in the clouds.

[Additional script:] Miss H.M. Andrews
                                      State Bank of Olympia
                                             Olympia Wash.

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