Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

September 6th

It continues rainy today, with the clouds low. I have been calculating my magnetic observations; and determining axis of collimator mgnt [magnet]. Tonight I took in the magnet of the Dip circle.

[Additional entry taped to back cover of journal III]:

[In top margin] From Paris.
Guns located by sound from 3 stations; locations of high vel. guns and howitzer can be found within 50 yds. The exact location is then found from special photo file W56-46. (a)

Aerial defense of Paris
File 9185-C-6. Exh.1.p.2 special appa. [apparatus] invented by Prof. Perrot receives and amplifies sounds and is used for detecting aeroplanes.

Same Exh.5.p.18 Zeppelins can be heard from about 6 Kms. and the direction located by means of Segnae apparatus.

[End of Journal III]

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