Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

September 7th

[Start of Journal IIII]

Sunday. This morning I was up early and began observations for Declination (magnetic); but as the day was very fine I determined to take the plane table to the top of the 3000 ft hill. (Yesterday there was a sudden change in the wind, it had been blowing from S, when suddenly a strong gust came from the N, and frome that moment the weather began to clear.) Accordingly Adams and I started with the canoe about half past ten; we paddled across the stream and then, I carrying the plane table complete, and carrying my camera and the lunch and McBride's rifle, we waked along the old flood-planes of the stream and ascended by the gulley. The weather was warm, we had been in camp for several days, and we were heavily loaded, so that we ascended slowly and were quite tired when we reached the top at 2 pm. We found some water melting from a patch of melting snow and had lunch. I then worked with the plane-table and took photographs until nearly 6 pm. The weather was glorious, and the mountains were beautiful. This is one of the best points of view I have ascended. The temp at the top at 3 pm. was 52.37. In camp at the same time it was 48.7.

The # effect of the cold glacier wind here is well marked shown. Adams wandered about shooting at groundhogs while I was at work.

[In margin]: # This is usually more marked. The wind today was not strong.

I made a photograph of the ice-front, whose appearance has much changed since we first arrived. There is now a deep bay on this side and a projecting point near the middle; this point however has no such len[g]th as is [found?] in Prof. Wright's map. The bay cuts in about 1/4 mile behind the line joining the two corners of the inlet; the point being about on this line. This distance was estimated by comparison with the distance of camp from the ice-front, which is Renown to be a little under 3/4 mile. We reached camp a[t] 7:30, and soon after supper I went to bed.

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