Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

August 16th

Morse, Casement, McBride and I started today with two sleds for Tree Mt. and that neighborhood. We took the Miner's tent, blankets, oilskins and provisions for five days; also, the plane table and my camera and three or four dozen plates. The day looked threatening but we pushed on. All hands helped to carry the things up the moraine. We took dinner in front of White Glacier where we found plenty of wood. We made camp at 7:30 on the N side of Tree Mountain on a small [sheer?] projecting into the Glacier [In margin: Second #2]. This has been very recently covered by the Glacier, and shows the scratches and scars, where the ice has knocked out great pieces of rock. The debris covers the rock pretty well; even the finer mud has not been washed off by the rain, so recently has the ledge been covered by ice. We found plenty of dry wood, fallen from above, and made a fine camp fire. We could see the trees growing some 1000 ft above us. There seems to be a fairly well marked line at about this height, below which the rock is much barer than above. This probably marks the height of the last advance.

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