Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

August 26th

Tuesday. Gary Pike of Chicago, a friend of Casement's, we invited a[s] Casement's guest to spend a week with us in camp, which and he accepted. When we started away (yesterday, 26th) Cushing and Morse started with a small sled "Pup" for Granite Canon, and Casement and Pike went down the bay some ten miles to shoot.

This morning about 2 am we were awakened by a little drizzle on our faces. We got up and set up the tent. By daylight it was raining hard, harder than it has rained this summer. Everything indicated a settled rain for several days; we decided to leave the tent and provisions, and taking only our blankets and the plane table to push for home. The oil-stove made us some coffee and warmed some roast-beef in the tent, and then donning our oil skins, off we started. We reached the boat at 11:40 and camp about three quarters of an hour later, with the rain dripping from our oilskins, and pretty wet all thro'. The other two parties had arrived just before we did and were in the same condition. We had a good laugh at each other. We changed our clothes, rubbed well with alcohol, and felt no disagreeable effects of the netting. The house is full of wet clothes hanging up to dry. The rain continued hard all day and within 12 hours rained nearly an inch.

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