Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

August 19th

Tuesday. Left camp this morning about 8 am, reached Snow Dome in about an hour, and leaving McBride and Casement to make camp (Secondary #4) Morse and I took the Plane table and went up Snow dome, reaching the summit at 1 pm. The top of this mountain is a beautiful broad dome completely covered with snow and commands a beautiful view of the mountains around Granite Canon and the large tributary Gl to the W. I worked with Plane table and photographing until six pm. In the meanwhile McBride and Casement arrived bringing the lunch. The weather continues glorious. All the upper parts of the mountains and upper Glaciers are in full view, but the lower part of the Gl. and Muir Inlet are covered by a cloud which is quite below us. I took a photo- of this view, but am doubtful of the result. We all feel pretty tried with this continued work; climbing mountains heavily loaded is very wearisome. Our camp #4 is on the ice which slopes up against the mountain; but this ice is so well covered with sand and gravel that we do not feel the cold from the ice beneath.

We saw some [ptarmigan?] as we were coming down Snow Dome. I shot one with my revolver, and threw stones for some time at the others, but did not hit any. They are very tame, and run about without even trying to escape.

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