Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

August 30th

Saturday. McBride and I started this morning at 8 am for a three days trip on the W side of glacier. We rowed the boat over with the blankets and plane table. There are enough provisions left at Camp #5, so we did carry away more. Morse and Adams paddled over in the canoe to help us carry up the boat on the beach and to take some photographs of the buried forest. We shouldered our packs, about 30 lbs each, at nine o'clock and reached Secondary Camp #5 at 11:40. We found everything in good conditions; the tent was standing as we left it and the provisions had not gotten wet. After lunch we started went up to the top of the nunatak with the plane table and McBride's Kodak. On the way up we had a fine bath in a small lake pond where the water was very warm. I worked about three hours and a half at the top (I); and returned to Camp 5, where we had a jolly fire.

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