Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 10th

Cushing, Casement, McBride and I took the boat and rowed down to a large ice-berg that had broken off yesterday. McBride and I cut steps up to its top which we found 70 ft high by barometer. We then went to the island which lies near the headland to Glacier Bay. This island is beautifully marked with glacial scratches in two directions, due apparently to the influence of a smaller glacier which formerly came down a valley from N.W. The E. side of its island is more precipitous than its W side. We placed two flags on top of island, and I made ten sketches from [these?] stations. Morse and Adams were at with the two transits at camp and station D, and sight on us, but could not follow find us with telescopes. The Aneroid A-1-R fell out of its case and was broken. Returning we stopped at a point of land between island and camp, and saw many much [MS illegible] coming up from edge of water. We could not make out what it was due to, but intend taking some home in bottles. We had a very hard pull back against a strong wind and high waves.

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