Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 5th

Morse, Adams and I sailed across the inlet and laid off a [fuse?] line nearly 1000 meters long on the W side of nilet [inlet] on an old moraine. Flags were placed at stations A and B, both white; also a white flag (to be changed to a red one) at stat. ab. Station A is invisible from camp. The moraine on the W side as on E side of inlet is spread out on stratified material, and except in places is fairly level.

In the evening Prof. Muir, Mr. Cushing and I walked along the beach to the glacier front. The ice in places was a deep Cu80[subscript:]4 blue; and showed all shades of blue between that and white. The pinnacles near the shore were massive and grand. The overlapping of the ice over the stratified gravel was clearly shown. Much ice was on the beach, left then by the tide.

The weather is has been rather cloudy today, but the barometer remains high and it does not rain.

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