Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 16th

Morse helped me this morning to observe for time by equal altitudes of sun with Gurley transit. Morse made the afternoon observations.

At 10 o'cl. Casement and I went up to station E and [sighted?] on flags on ice to fit their positions. The flags were only found with great difficulty with large telescope and then afterwards found with small transit. They looked like small specks with this instrument. All were found except 1st and last of W side. This was all day's work. (These flags were planted a few days ago, within 3/4 mile from ice front.) They all had iron pipes for posts.) Adams, Cushing and McBride went over to station K to do the same work. They did not find a single flag. At noon Adams and I both observed for latitude. Morse remained in camp and made a dark box for developing photographs. York well again. Our boat has not turned out well, she is old and rotten; we shall have to try and buy a canoe from the Siwashes.

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