Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 7th

Morse and Adams went out this morning to set flags on st stations H and I (white) on islands 2 and 3. I took charge of meteorological observations and Cushing did some washing. The Queen arrived in the afternoon bringing McBride and Casement. The box containing the magnetometer legs, etc. which was left in Tacoma was brought by the Queen, but the photographic plates are still in the hands of the express Co. There were some 280 passengers on the Queen and half of them were more interested in our tents than in the Glacier. Capt. Carroll invited us to dine on board and gave us some fresh meat for camp. Extra Magnetometer needle was sent by Mr. McBride. Prof. Muir got some hoop-iron to make a sled for a trip around the Glacier, in which some of us shall probably join him.

One of McBride's friends from Princeton pleased me very much.

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