Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 11th

Morse, Adams and I took 8 iron pipes with flags and sailed across inlet. Casement went with us and brought back the boat; we left a (wood staff) flag at corner of glacier at water's edge, and then went across. We succeeded in getting about half way across, but in that position were unable to know just how much further we had to go, and as it was nearly half-past six we returned. It took us 1 3/4 hours to return where we had taken 5 1/2 to advance. We planted 5 flags; the [auger?] went in very easily when it was turned rapidly without pressure.

Cushing saw us coming back and rowed the boat near for us. The flags were alternately black and red. We found much ice in inlet and rowed back as there was no wind. In the evening as we were walking along the beach, we noticed a phosphorus [sent sparks?] in the sand. we soon found that this was confined to near the high water line. In kicking up the sand, it sparks seem to fly about. We brought some of the sand up and found some small larvae in it. I shall take some home in alcohol for identification [added text: (this was not done)]. Some Siwashes brought us some fine fresh salmon today, which however is not as good by camp cooking as it is ordinarily considered.

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