Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 23rd

The Queen got in early this morning. Casement found some friends on board. The Capt. brought the board house which, however, goes to Prof. Muir, tho' we shall get much benefit from it, I think. We took lunch aboard. I was surprised to see Dr. Hayden among the passengers. Mr. Cushing accompanied him and some of his friends to station E to get a view over the Glacier. In the afternoon Mr. Chas. S. Fee, Gen. Pass. Agent N.P.R.R. was on the Queen. In afternoon Morse, Casement and I paddled the canoe across the inlet to sketch map the front of the Glacier with the plane-table, but found after getting there that we had forgotten the top. We therefore could do no work. The wind and waves were pretty high, but the canoe behaved well, and we enjoyed it very much. After dinner we had a most glorious sunset. The sky was somewhat clouded and the sun shining under the clouds lit up parts of the mountain and made them glow with a strong warm yellow light. Other parts were in deep shadow; the contrasts this produced were very striking.

We walked up to the glacier front and found the corner near this side gone. The holes we drilled a few days ago in the ice-wing were obliterated.

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