Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 25th

Rain today. Yesterday Prof. Muir, Mr. Loomis and York worked on the wooden house and got it well forward. Today more work was done on it, by Prof. Muir and Mr. Loomis. The rest of us spent the day solving triangles, thus fixing the position of our various points. We have also fixed the position of the flags on the ice and find that the two inner last flags from the opposite sides are over 400 meters apart. Although this does not affect the continuity of our line of flags, it is hopeless to expect to cross this quarter mile. We were three hours, making about 100 yds meters bet. the 5th and 6th flags from W; and the portion bet. 6th and 7th flags is worse. The shingles are going on the wooden house, and place is being left for an open fire.

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