Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 24th

Another fine day. Casement and Morse went over to K to get the motion of the flags on the ice. Adams, McBride and I went to E for the purpose. I took the plane table and after Adams had observed the flags, I started the general map of the region. The scale is to be 1/120,000, about 1/3" to the mile. I had to sketch the whole semicir circle of mountains and make corresponding numbers on the sketches and the map, which took us until 6 pm. Mr Adams left about 1:30 to make the 2 pm observations at camp.

Mr. Cushing explored the Dirt Glacier. He found the traveling very laborious, some distance up the glacier becomes clear. Four hanging glaciers and two neve fields contribute to form this glacier. Three of these are on the ridge just behind our camp. The glacier runs from its mouth back towards E and then sweeps around towards S. The debris seems to come principally from the hanging glaciers.

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