Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 21st

To-day I kept camp. Adams and McBride went to station E. to sight the flags on the ice and had no difficulty in finding them all. They recognized a small displacement of the flags within an hour. Morse and Casement took the canoe and went over to K for the same purpose; they also were perfectly successful. Cushing and I went up to the ice front and drilled a few holes in the [MS. illegible] face of the wing to see how it was sliding over the underlying guard.

Prof. Muir has been out on the glacier for about a week (10 days). Morse and Casement saw him above the creek on the W side, but were unable to get to him with the canoe thro' the ice. After supper Loomis, York and I went over to get him. After some search I found him preparing to spend the night on the moraine, and b[r]ought him and his sled back with us. He has had a very interesting trip, and has seen a great deal. He reports mountain sheep and wolves.

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