Journal I : Expedition to Glacier Bay, Alaska, Summer 1890

July 19th

Adams, McBride and I made another attempt to cross the Glacier from E side. We started a little before 10 am from camp and tried to cross pretty near the front (within 1/4 mile); the ice at first was much broken, due to the faster motion (prob) on coming opposite the edge of the inlet. We placed 4 flags, and returned early. The crevasses here are very deep and show that they are increasing in depth, due and breadth, due to the near approach to the end front when the motion must increase. Where we turned the wedges were pretty well separated and on at their ends. Morse and Casement went across the inlet with the plane-table to make a map of the ice front, but could not succeed on this side in recognizing the points the[y] sighted from the other.

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